Moving is frustrating, confusing, and at times gets pretty expensive. But a garage sale is a great way to get rid of extra stuff while making a few dollars doing it. Here are some tips and tricks for a successful moving sale on the West Island to help you make “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” your garage sale mantra.


1. Clean And Declutter Your Home

This is the hardest part, but at least you’ll get it over with first. The truth is that most garage sales are more successful if you have a lot of items for sale. If you just have a small table of things, it may not be worth your time and effort.

Maximize your spring cleaning routine by keeping your future garage sale in mind, leaving no space untouched. Go through your garage, basement, attic – every nook and cranny.

When combing through your items, try to be ruthless. Have you used any of these items within the last 12 months? If you have multiples of items, can you pare them down to just one?


2. Start sorting

Having a garage sale can be a daunting task, so go ahead and do the major work ahead of time. As you’re unearthing all of those tennis rackets, clothes, and old board games, sort them into three basic categories: Keep, Sell, and Trash.

Don’t worry about pricing anything right now—just focus on sorting and getting organized. Your main goal here is to get rid of the junk and find a permanent home for the stuff you’re going to keep. Once your piles are made, pull out all of the items you sorted to sell.



3. Price your items reasonably

As you sort through the items you wish to sell, donate, or keep, it might be easiest to price things as you go. Make sure the price tag is visible and that the price is reasonable. Keep in mind that too high of a price might deter buyers, so try not to factor any sentimental value into your estimation of what something’s worth. It might be a good idea to ask a friend or a neighbor how much they believe your items are worth.



4. Stay organized

It’s important to stay organized when setting up your garage sale! Shoppers will be less intimidated and more likely to find something they’d like to purchase if everything is displayed in an accessible and orderly way. Consider sorting your items into categories and arranging them on long tables.

5. Advertise and spread the word

Finally, let your  friends and neighbors know that you are hosting a West Island Moving Sale! For an effective and easy way to alert your neighborhood about your sale, post on social media networks! Make sure to include the date, time, and address of the sale. Perhaps include a picture or two of some of the items you are selling. Another good tip to attract more attention to your street is encouraging your neighbors to host a garage sale of their own. Rally the whole neighborhood for a fun day of shopping and making new friends!


Lastly, be sure to have fun during your sale! Smile, say hello, and chat with your customers. You never know which one is about to make that big purchase you had been hoping for.

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