At last, the stress and nerves are over. You’ve finally moved into your new home and want to now begin your new chapter in your life. The unpacking and furniture are set up in a desirable and orderly fashion. What now? Well, why not show off your new space by throwing a warm and memorable house warming party that you can enjoy with not only your friends and family but the new addition to your life… Your neighbours! If you are someone who is outgoing and loves to host parties where people are laughing and enjoying themselves, follow these tips to having one memorable and incredible night.


 1.    Wait a few weeks upon your move in.

 While I’m sure it’s incredibly tempting to show off your new space immediately upon the move-in date, we strongly recommend waiting a few weeks to allow you, yourself to unpack and get used to the new vibe of your surroundings. Breathe and take a few weeks to yourself to unpack and get organized at your own pace. Your family, friends, and neighbors aren’t going anywhere! By giving yourself the necessary time in doing so, it will avoid and disorganization and chaos the night of your party. You won’t be running around looking for stuff that you may need on the night of. And don’t forget no one wants to present a new home that is messy and filled with open and disheveled boxes. Get cleaned and organized that way when you do the tour of the home the night of, you will be able to show off without the fear of judgment and chaos due to furniture and boxes being all over.

 2.    Creating your guest list.

 The process of invitations can definitely be stressful, however, it’s one of the most important steps in arranging a party. Who do I want to invite? How many people can I invite? How many people can I host without it being too crowded? Planning parties is never easy. You will always have bumps in the road but it’s worth it at the end when you get to see your invitees laughing and dancing to good music. Now, who to invite? Obviously your friends and family are the first ones to come to mind when thinking of the guest list. However, due to the new location and neighborhood, we strongly suggest inviting your new friends on the block. This will be like an icebreaker for you to get to know your new neighbors and create bonds that could last a lifetime. Once your list is created if you feel like there is an overload on invitees and it’s too much, you can always do what we like to call  “open house”. That is a process in which you invite people to drop in between a desirable time that you choose and they can come and go. This allows people to come when and go as they please and will allow circulation and avoid overcrowding. If the list is acceptable and you feel like you can host a comfortable party with everyone there at once, then go for it.

 3.    Sending out invitations.

 Sending out the invitations will be a hectic and easy job all in one. The process of sending out invitations can take a while and be stressful when ensuring if all the desired guests received them or not. What we recommend to save you time and stress is sending the invitations to your friends and family via email or Facebook event. Our world revolves around technology nowadays, so doing something as simple as a Facebook event will allow you to ensure that everyone you desired, received an invitation and it will allow you to easily track the rsvp list and respond to any questions asked. For the neighbors, since social media won’t be an option, for now, you can make cute little invitations with all the important details and dispose of them in their mailboxes or by knocking and introducing yourself in the process.

 4.    Pick a theme:

 While this is not a must, we always recommend picking a theme for your upcoming party. Choosing a theme will set the mood for a great and well planned evening and will avoid certain stressors that come along with planning fun and memorable parties. The theme can be anything that you desire. We always recommend Hawaiian, the 70s, 80s, or 90s themes, disco, etc.. that allows and minimizes the stress of what music and decorations to do. Having a theme allows you to focus on that exact theme and minimizes the time and effort in the planning by half.

 5.    Choosing food & drinks.

 Choosing food is one of the most complicated and stressful factors in planning a party. You always have to keep in my food allergies and preferences of your guest. We suggest you keep it simple and easy to avoid dissatisfaction and cleanup. If you don’t have the time to prepare much, you can always do a potluck which consists of all your guests bringing in a dish or salad and doing a buffet with it all. This will cut the cost and time of planning your party. Most people really enjoy potlucks due to the variety of dishes and the fun behind it all. If you rather not ask your guest to do so, we recommend doing a buffet style. You can focus on the food options with your theme if desired. Bite-sized foods, salads, and even a bbq are all great options. For drinks always have a variety. You can set up a cute little bar filled with alcoholic beverages, juice, water, and even coffee for those coffee lovers. Keep it simple. There is no need to go too overboard and spend a fortune on the food. If you rather not do any cleaning we recommend plastic plates and utensils to avoid the big clean up at the end. If you choose a catering service we recommend planning and arranging that a few weeks prior to avoid any disappointment and confusion.


Now with all that being said, we truly hope this will help and limit the stress that will come your way in the process. The main importance of this big event is for you yourself to have fun, surrounded by the people you love the most. No party is fun if the host isn’t enjoying themselves. Take a deep breath and enjoy the day and the new beginning. Cheers.